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Derby Gold Levels Deleted Except 100 Gold Level

BeleevlandBeleevland Member Rookie
Below is the message they keep deleting. Amazing how quickly they will act to downplay their defrauding their customers, but when you try and get a response from customer service it takes days just to get a cut and paste BS automated response: 

Here we go again with GLU. Looks like they took away all gold derby levels except the 100 level. This comes after I spent a bunch of money on this game this year to get gold to level up my sluggers. I'm diamond level and had gotten my 5 star trumbo slugger to level 8. Now I can't even use him for what I had spent money on to level him up-win higher level gold derby matches (2k and 5k games). I wouldn't have spent so much on a slugger if all I could do was play 100 gold games (which I can't even find a match in the majority of the time anyways). Now all the money I spent this year on gold to level up my sluggers has gone to waste, yet another GLU scam. 

Because they did this I went on my itunes account and went back through every receipt and requested a refund for every purchase I made in this game this year. I suggest everyone else do the same (or google for the non apple people). I hope apple/google makes GLU reimburse them for the money they have to reimburse to GLU's customers as a result of their shady practices. 


  • mightymousemightymouse Member Veteran
    Already did it. Others should too
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