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newhallboxernewhallboxer Member Rookie
So I've been playing tap17 from the beginning (not the beta shit). I love it and hate it at the same time, super freakin challenging!! What I was hoping for in these forums was tips, ideas, who the best players are etc....
 But instead it's a major whinny bitch session!!! Why the hell are you even posting if you don't like it? Go the hell away!! Yeah 16 was great but this is 17 so move on. Hackers are everywhere who cares they will get caught at some point.
 That being said any info that could help a team please post here.
The biggest bit of info I can give is build up your team and have some damn fun baby!!!
And definitely lay off the junk pitches :wink:  


  • mightymousemightymouse Member Starter
    Best post ever award
  • Ruffriders23Ruffriders23 Member Ace
    So you bitch about people bitching.... #Winning

  • toodsmcgheetoodsmcghee Member Rookie
    I think the biggest mistake is playing bonus games trying to level your team up without upgrading your team to its highest potential for whatever level you're on at that time
  • toodsmcgheetoodsmcghee Member Rookie
    In other words, if you're bronze, upgrade everything to 20, before playing bonus games and playoffs to get to silver.
  • newhallboxernewhallboxer Member Rookie
    So true, I'm getting a taste of that reality now. I maxed everything to 20 while in bronze but neglected to do that in silver and gold. Now in platinum I'm struggling to get that accomplished. I think the team attributes should definitely be maxed before you move to the next tier (i.e. Silver to gold).
  • Acebrooks44Acebrooks44 Member Roster
    I bitch all the time. It's much better for my phone/tablet. It's so expensive to max out everything in platinum. I'm over 30 on most so I'll take the advice and work towards that goal. Damn this and that. Bitch bitch bitch
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