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prime event reward

JoeyFingazJoeyFingaz Member Rookie
I just landed the 100th spot in the weekend prime event but was tied exactly with another person on the spot.  Was really aiming for the specialty 5 star draft pick but I instead got the next lower level tier's prizes.  Disappointed by this so I made an account to ask here if there are official rulings on this and if it's impossible to actually get my reward.


  • JoeyFingazJoeyFingaz Member Rookie

    taken a couple minutes after the event ended
  • JoeyFingazJoeyFingaz Member Rookie
    Thank you Glu for resolving this! Made my Monday a special one.
  • HunterThompsonHunterThompson Member Rookie
    The same exact thing happened to my club over the weekend. We ranked 17 but neither of us got the specialty pick. I sent them a message thru the options so hopefully I hear back soon. Is that how you fixed the situation?
  • FactFact Member Rookie
    Not sure if I'm supposed to piggy back off of someone else's post or make a new one...but it just happened to me as well. My understanding was a 5 star specialty draft pick.... IGN:RandomFact 
    Posted edited July 4
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