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wickedstarswickedstars Member Rookie
Wicked united currently has 6 top players who play everyday,and place very high for 6 people,higher than any 20 person club I've ever been in.COME JOIN!


  • KNP950KNP950 Member Roster
    I'm on a team that 3/4 don't play or contribute. Getting a little frustrating. I'm 1st yr player but play everyday. I'm silver level 2 Pro.  Team strength is 25000. Recently 254-135. Currently on a team called funny Rascals but without others contributing we're never in anything. I'm second in the club of 20 with 1144000 loyalty pts. Unfortunately you gotta leave them. There is 1 other guy on the team that contributes that's also frustrated and talked to me about looking for another team. My team name is 2015 NLCHAMPS. His name is Trumpster2017. Don't know how many you need. If just one I don't need to stay with him just telling you if you need teams that play. He's at 88100 points. Play everyday, don't have much of a cjoice, just had major shoulder surgery. Lol. If you're interested in having me join contact me. Never been on forums before so I don't know if you send a message to me or how that works. Looking forward to hearing from you. 
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