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Error Can't Load Uniforms Please Reboot -

GreenMtnBoysGreenMtnBoys Member Rookie
I've had the message above rebooting the game for over a month now without useful feedback from customer support. It can go on for hours trying to reboot the game and by the time it does the win streak or event is over. The wifi signal is maxed on my iPad, 0 running apps in the background and plenty of space for a fast upload & download speed but the error still occurs. 3rd year heavily invested daily player. Any help or advice is greatly needed and appreciated. Thanks 


  • mightymousemightymouse Member Veteran
    Usually if I do a hard close on the app, then try again, it works. Thats the only thing I've tried that has worked for me.
  • madogmageemadogmagee Member Starter
     Yeah it works but it happens all the time even after that.  Happened 19 times on Tuesday in 200 games. Very frustrating. 
    Posted edited June 4
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