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Play iffs

Chuck49Chuck49 Member Rookie
it is absolutely stupid to play the same team 10 times in the playoffs and lose. 
I feel like leaving this game. You score 1 run they score 4. You score 2 runs they score 3 
just bullshit!!!


  • Ruffriders23Ruffriders23 Member Ace
    Welcome to Tap Sports Baseball 2017.. where Glu will do what it takes to make you dig into your wallet and spend money on gold.
  • kobukangelkobukangel Member Rookie
    I hear that! I've played the pirates 10 tomes trying to get level two gold.
  • wackywaldo19wackywaldo19 Member Rookie
    I play at a .735% but my playoff pCT. is .o77. I am 1-12 against the Braves in the playoffs. What a joke. I refused to spend money just so I can win. Takes all the fun out of the game.
  • newhallboxernewhallboxer Member Roster
    Make sure you use everything in your favor in the playoffs. Only play when your actual MLB team is playing, use a wrap to get your best pitcher and have plenty of energy drinks for your pitcher as well.
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