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BeastMode Top 50 Club is recruiting

St1ckTalkSt1ckTalk Member Roster
I will have a few spots open in 2017 Version 
Club stats and event ranks are below.

Posted edited May 8


  • TitgsTitgs Member Rookie
    Still looking? Me and two friends are looking for an active club we're all 4 star and up 
  • St1ckTalkSt1ckTalk Member Roster
    Yeah buddy just booted 3 players who didnt perform well enough or werent active in the last week.
  • joshlogan21joshlogan21 Member Rookie
    I'm Looking for a new club. My team strength is 5300 and I'm first in my club for contributions at 815480.  My current team lost all the good members and I'm tired of wasting my time not winning any events.  I play everyday and am consistently on the top of every event.  The last home run event a couple of days ago I finished 23 out of everyone.  Let me know if you're interested.  My team nickname is BeatinEveryone
  • joshlogan21joshlogan21 Member Rookie

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