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New club Open to all

Sopp0318Sopp0318 Member Rookie
Mets34 is a new club looking for members. We welcome all players as we are looking for people committed to helping the club succeed.  Come join today


  • KNP950KNP950 Member Rookie
    My team name is NLCHAMPS2015 and currently on Funny Rascals but I don't quit things but so frustrating. I'm 2nd on team in points around 11500 2nd level silver pro, 1st time playing. Club I joined guys go days and days without playing. Record is about 248-134. My players are all increased to 10 or higher with exception of a few relief pitchers. Don't know how to switch teams.  If you want me you'll have to instruct me how to switch teams. I'd guess it's in settings.  If you are still short the renin other guy in this te looking to leave for same reason his ream name is Trumpster2017. Hope to hear from ya. 
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