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Player ratings

Marmo2106Marmo2106 Member Rookie
can anyone help with understanding player ratings? I just got a Correa silver he's not as good as a kindler I promoted from bronze. Just got a josh fields 3 star 72 silver but Taylor rogers 3 star 60 bronze stayed in my lineup. Is that because if I promoted rogers from bronze he would be better at silver 1? Just don't quite get it.


  • mightymousemightymouse Member Veteran
    I kinda got lost there, but if you set your lineup to potential, it puts in the player with the highest potential rating once they are fully upgraded. Star rating is usually the best way to determine who is best. Not always the case, but usually. You may have a bronze player who is 4* and will have lower ratings than a 3* silver player, but only until you evolve and upgrade the 4* bronze player. Make sense? 
  • BulletClubBulletClub Member Starter
    If you don't get it, just stick to current in the game plan and lock all your 5 or 4 star players untill you have a better understanding of how it works.Mighty mouse pretty much gives as good of an explanation as you can give right there.
  • Marmo2106Marmo2106 Member Rookie
    Absolutely makes sense. I found the potential vs best overall. I get it now. Seems odd a bronze 3 star can be better than a silver 3 star but whatever.
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