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Glu trying to figure out hacking problem...not so fast

battiestweeones2battiestweeones2 Member Roster
As I have been reading through the forums a good bit complaints are about the hacks and cheats. Yes they do ruin the game for the honest player and just plain ruin the game for everyone but I'm sure they make money for Glu. Reason number #1 they have several versions of this love to hate game out if they wanted to fix this problem they could have by now but it's​ called feeding on people's competitiveness​. You allow hacks (possibly some insiders) to create these super teams by cheating and then it creates a vacuum for all the honest players trying to keep up, spending hundreds and probably thousands of real dollars not to mention countless hours watching videos for free gold and doing offers (advertising dollars). 


  • BulletClubBulletClub Member Starter
    If you can't beat them, join them. PM me if you want to join the sith side of the force
  • AmelioAmelio Member Rookie
    Cheating and hacking is in Every game app, and not just games, Glu patches everytime ppl hack.. but I'm sure those that do hack.. always keep trying to break through the patches.. sadly, hackers will never be stopped. Especially if the gaming co. Patched so the hacks stopped working. I'm sure the hackers love the challenge to break the patches.. I for one think it's pretty sad that people hack and cheat on a phone app game 
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