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Canada's Team

10011001 Member Starter
I'm Canadian.  I LOVE baseball.  Been to over 30 mlb games despite the closest team being a 8 hrs drive and a passport away.  I hate the Blue Jays.  They have been crammed down my throat since I was a boy as being the most important team in baseball.  This trend has not changed.  The current marketing ploy is "our Country, our team"  nope.  My country, but my team got eliminated in mid June.  

This rant is against Canadian media and the senseless logic that Canadians should root for Canadians.  If I lived in Toronto, I could understand more, but Vancouver is closer to Seattle, Winnipeg is closer to Minnesota, and Halifax is closer to Boston.  Why is it assumed my home country determine my loyalty to a Sports Franchise?

Go Athletics.  (I know.  Been a fan since '89.  Forgive me)


  • Angels61Angels61 Member Veteran

    Couldn't agree more. I hate the Jays. I can't even see decent highlite coverage of any other games because they wont shut up about the Jays. Its nothing more than a giant bandwagon of non-baseball fans anyway. Up until last year, I hadn't heard one word about the Jays in over 2 decades, and now everyone is a HUGE fan !!! LOL  I grew up in Vancouver, were tons of Mariners fans, and Angels fans like myself since we used to have their triple A club.

    My second favorite team is the Indians, don't even remember why, but I hope they SMASH the jays.

  • Angels61Angels61 Member Veteran
    1001, I think my team might have been eliminated slightly earlier than yours !!! LOL
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