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Random match games (all of them) disappearing

TJSwobodaTJSwoboda Member Rookie
(tried to post this in bug reports, but there's a bug in bug reports...)

For the last couple of weeks, every single random match I start is gone the next day.  Nobody flaked, won or lost, just poof, gone.  I'm taking screenshots to save the names, and then starting new games with them.  This obviously isn't a good solution when I have a franchise player.

Anyone else having the same problem?  Then again, if someone else is missing 6000 gold from offers he completed, the game may be in more serious trouble than just random matches disappearing...


  • TJSwobodaTJSwoboda Member Rookie
    My random games from yesterday were still waiting for me this morning; bit of a shock, and an especially good one as I had scored ten runs in one inning in one of the games.  We'll see if this is really fixed or not...
  • Jddet16Jddet16 Member Roster
    Jailed for no reason
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