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Free Gold Offers - what works what doesn't

blueskiesblueskies Member Rookie
So far the only gold offers that I have gotten to work are the download app and start offers. The ones with surveys or download to proceed to level x type offers never work. They just steal your info.

Anyone ever got those survey offers to result in gold?


  • battiestweeones2battiestweeones2 Member Starter
    Never... just get a lot of spam mail now. Be careful downloading apps and starting  particularly with Fyber. I got some adware on my device a couple days ago after downloading an app luckily my anti virus detected and cleaned it up and got rid of it but I have a couple unknown files that are residual. So far Malwarebytes hasn't detected anything malicious with them. Back earlier in the spring my device got some malware from an app I downloaded from Fyber as well. Had to do a hard reset on my device to clear it out. That's why we need Tapjoy back!!! Over the time I've used them which was a couple months haven't had one problem. Their customer service is awesome... very responsive when you haven't received gold for offer you have completed. Glu I beg you all bring back Tapjoy!!!!!! Please!!!!
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