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I'm on a roll....

battiestweeones2battiestweeones2 Member Starter can't we have consistency. You all at Glu bite your all's nose off to spite yourselves. I mean really let's cut back the rate of videos to force the player to spend real money on overly priced products in particularly gold. So you force someone like me who does hours of ads (which I'm sure you all are making a lot of money off that) for gold?? HA.. fat chance in that ever happening you all have a better chance staying afloat with a screen door attached to the bottom of a submarine then me ever buying gold from you all. You all are cutting your own throats!!! A good pace for videos is one every 7-8 seconds it needs to go back to that!!! I'd be happy with one every 15 seconds. That is only way you all will make money off of me!!! You can jail me again I can care less but I am NOT spending REAL life money on this game!!!!
Posted edited September 27


  • PerfectCheckmatePerfectCheckmate Member Roster
    I would prefer to just spend $50 to buy a game and progress based on merit than to play these games where you constantly have to buy gold to really progress.
    Also, Cubs clinched the division today. Go Cubs!
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