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Dirty pitching

battiestweeones2battiestweeones2 Member Starter
I haven't said much but it's becoming more and more out of control the pitches in the dirt. The angle you see from behind the plate it's extremely difficult to pickup a four seam and most definitely I believe it's a two seam fastball in the dirt. It's also pretty bad when multiple pitches hitting the dirt 3-4 feet before the plate...not real life... actually a pitcher would be if pitch hits the dirt that soon wouldn't you think there would be more passed balls... I think we as players need to see the pitches from the catchers view. And also I think problem is too.. the pitching is not valued on this game. Just one example if it were we would have pitching boosts to counter act the batting boosts. There is more to baseball than seeing how many runs can be scored. You all at Glu take away 3/4 of the strategy of baseball with marginalizing the pitching. Good pitching (not TSB MLB 2017 pitching that pitching sucks) will ALWAYS beat out great hitting 9 1/2 times out of 10! I think whatever improvements you do for the 2018 version the player should control the pitching. I gotta say I'm very mixed on 9 innings 2017 but they got it right with the player having full autonomy of his team. You have full control of pitch selection and location to full and complete control of your lineup. Glu you all charge outrageous prices for your products but give us so little in return. I know you all gave us the token season mode, a nice addition but a drop in the bucket. Another place where 9 innings 2017 has got you all on too... is they have all kinds of options for there products, something for ALL budgets. I'm sure they don't have the hacks and cheats you all have because great players are accessible to everyone the playing field is level or at least more so than with this game. I think I might be talking myself into jumping ship here. Not to mention you log in EVERYDAY you get FREE GOOD and TANGIBLE stuff, the last day of the month you login you get (get ready for this because players of this game will NEVER see this happen) a diamond player the top of the line for just logging in everyday for a month and then it starts over again. Why would there be a need for cheating with a setup like that? With the prices you all charge at Glu we as players should be getting at LEAST something premium like that, we SHOULD be getting something better for the prices you all charge and yet we get so little in return. Instead we get scared for fear of being jailed and not being able use our accounts after some of us ( leaving myself out because all I do is watch ads and do offers because I won't pay the insane prices on their products) paid hard earned real life money.
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  • Tarheel2474Tarheel2474 Member Rookie
    Pure poetry brotha 
  • battiestweeones2battiestweeones2 Member Starter
    I know you all have strong feelings about this game. If you all want CHANGE here's everyone's chance to sound off the more everyone comments and reads it and adds to it and becomes a CONSTRUCTIVE discussion the greater chance people at Glu will notice and hopefully make changes. People....the honest players out numbers everyone that works at Glu. We speak as one and stand together for change we will be heard because we are the ones that watch the ads, do the offers and spend real life hard earned money on this game. We are what brings in the money to Glu.
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  • dennis27dennis27 Member Roster
    Not as unrealistic as the "cutter"... Or curves that go out about 10 ft, then come in for a strike.. Those are a lot less common in this game than the balls in the dirt.. I agree there are too many of those..  I think the point of that and the unrealistic pitches is to make it a little more challenging... It would be better to see that done without all of that tho..
  • HayveeHayvee Member Rookie
    The pitches in the dirt can be difficult to pickup sometimes. One good thing about those is you know it's a definite ball. Gotta follow the pitch as it leaves his hand.
  • SkimpsSkimps Member Rookie
    Talking about the login bonus, I have friends who only log in once every 5 days.
    they get a "welcome back" gift of either 350 gold or a #1 draft pick. Our daily reward is typically 20k cash and then the useless moments 
  • PerfectCheckmatePerfectCheckmate Member Roster
    I too have a hard time seeing pitches in the dirt...which come again and again. If I hold up I swing too late and foul off the good pitches or ground out the other way. Yeah, and the cutters that have incredible movement on one can make a pitch move like that 2 feet in front of the plate to be a strike. Sometimes I just sit there and watch the game until I get to a 3-0 count. The lack of strike pitches is ridiculous. The angle does need to be lower because I also have a hard time seeing high pitches. 
    Sometimes my star player will hit the pitch right on the button and it results in a slow roller. It's like, really? 
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