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  • CUSETOWN420CUSETOWN420 Member Roster
    JOIN BLAZIN420      We will be dominating
  • downsouthcubbiedownsouthcubbie Member Rookie
    Looking for an active club.. I have a 4 star team and am extremely active.. Let's chat in game.. I'm Downsouthcubbie
  • AttainedAttained Member Roster
    Join my club only if active and play for events . We only finish rank 1 and tier 6 every time . We put up mills.
  • smd127smd127 Member Rookie
    West Milford looking for active players.... daily play a must gold level club and climbing! We want to be #1
    Posted edited April 27
  • blackwrxblackwrx Member Rookie
    The metsies.   Lvl 9 club Current event  rnk 19 and its just me. 
  • blackwrxblackwrx Member Rookie
    Sopp0318 said:
    Mets34 Is a new club with 2 members looking for committed players that want to help 
    If you dont have to much invested in your club join mine.. I need active players
  • AttainedAttained Member Roster
    Looking for active members !!!

    We started yesterday and already silver 10 about to level up . By this rate we should be diamond in a couple days. We finish only rank 1 and have 9 members putting up mills . You may join if your active and put up many points. Inactive players will be removed otherwise enjoy rewards and help boost the club !

    send a game to Attained and chat if interested 
  • FastTexasEddieFastTexasEddie Member Rookie
    Looking for a club to join or maybe looking for some more players to join yours! Post here!
    DavesTexasKnaves is a successful 2 man club who is now RECRUITING QUALITY DAILY ACTIVE USERS that are communicative, active and loyal.
    If interested please contact me via FB, you will also have to get the Marco Polo app.

  • djkslaydjkslay Member Rookie
    Need active members to a newer ascending club. Look for Beast Mode 2107
  • andii2121andii2121 Member Rookie
    Lax Bombers . Join or don't. 
  • PaulieVegasPaulieVegas Member Rookie
    Thinking about joining a new club.  My current club is nice but with the exception of 5-6 very active guys, participation is minimal to non-existent.  We haven't finished in the top 500 once this week.

    Here is my "resume":

    -4 star team.  Team strength:  34674
    -Have scored 115030 points since downloading the '17 version
    -Have contributed 340186 club loyalty points since joining the '17 version
    -All of my players are 4-star level or higher
    -60% of my players are gold level.  Two more are silver 10.
    -My upgrades are all 35 or higher.

    I play every day.  I'm not as active on Mondays and Thursdays during the tournament and home run competitions but am active during the weekend competition, where I usually bring in 10,000 points. I'm also very active during the bonus game competitions, where I'll usually play 20-25 games a day.

    Ideally I'd love to find a club that finishes in the top 100 each weekend.  If your club does that and you'd like to invite me my name is "PAULIEVEGAS"
  • Str1k3DaddyStr1k3Daddy Member Rookie
    Lookin for some ppl to fill our club have a bunch of room and looking to make a splash in the weekly events! Search WENDY PUFFERCORN it's public so help us try and fill it quick or private message me for an invite! 
  • deefishermandeefisherman Member Rookie
    "Fisher Gang" be apart of something great
  • MattU22MattU22 Member Rookie
    Im a 4 star gold player with a team strength of 32500. Im looking for an active club that ranks top 50 everyday. My current club isn't active and constantly ranks below 500. If you're interested in me joining message me in game by starting a game with me. Username: MATTU22
  • RoyMunson14RoyMunson14 Member Rookie
    MattU22 said:
    Im a 4 star gold player with a team strength of 32500. Im looking for an active club that ranks top 50 everyday. My current club isn't active and constantly ranks below 500. If you're interested in me joining message me in game by starting a game with me. Username: MATTU22
    Join BIGHAMMERS. Ranked 23rd Monday. Currently have openings 
  • centurion96centurion96 Member Rookie
    Looking to join an active club that ranks in top 50 every event I am currently doing the playoffs for rising star(gold 2 I believe) team is close to 37000 strengths if you're willing to have me in your club let me know
  • ArollAroll Member Rookie
    We're called Gobstoppers. Heavily reliant on 2 of our members and is argue we're new, since we haven't really added anyone since launch. Yet we keep getting the weekend bonus kicks finishing top 10. Here's a look at us today:

  • DaddyDodsonDaddyDodson Member Rookie
    Join my club Tank Squadron 
  • RShadid75RShadid75 Member Rookie
    What I want from a club:
    *Heavy activity almost everyday 
    *Tier 6 opportunities for the Tourney Event, Bonus Event and (occasionally) the sprint event
    *Basically I need gold and players.  Draft picks do nothing for me at this point.

    What I bring to the club:
    *Lots of blue cash - I can score 350-500k points in the Tourney event
    *200 wins in the Bonus event every OTHER week
    *50k-250k for the sprint events.  I'm saving gold for upgrades but will spend enough to get my points in.  

    Match me in game and let's chat.  
    Join ThoseRadRedbirds you'll get all you want from a club
  • RShadid75RShadid75 Member Rookie
    Join ThoseRadRedbirds and help us conquer!!!
  • champsorbusterchampsorbuster Member Rookie
    Abad and Boujee is recruiting friendly and active new members! Join now for fun and ranking up!

    Everyone is welcome! Last weekend event ranked top 100 with only 3 members!

    Join us and lets move up together! Feel free to send me any questions or concerns. Gamer Tag: ChampsOrBuster

    - No free riding, please make sure that you are active during events
    - No rank requirements

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