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Prime Draft Pick

scottpdannscottpdann Member Roster
I see an option for a Prime Draft pick for 500 gold. Has anyone done this? Is this worth trying?


  • slab0meatslab0meat Member Roster
    Like almost everything offered, it's probably not worth it.

    I barely play anymore, just collect my stadium gold, and I had a little sitting around.  I saw this option last night so I tried it.  All but one of the possibilites were good, and SHOCKINGLY, I got the worst guy.  More gold down the crapper.

  • scottpdannscottpdann Member Roster
    I did one pick and got a 3.5 star player. So, XP trade in was all I got for my gold. 
  • battiestweeones2battiestweeones2 Member Roster
    Another 1000000000000000 to 1 odds. Good for Glu bad for the consumer!
  • IronmanvelezIronmanvelez Member Roster
    There's a way to get all the good stuff you want if you want to find out just PM me
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