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Real joke!

IglooIgloo Member
I'm now at first level silver and playoffs are f**king joke! Pitchers always give 10+ points every time even if I have a 82 rating pitchers and I only get fly out or almost even if I only swing on strike pitchs!!


  • mightymousemightymouse Member Veteran
    You need better pitchers. 82 rating at silver is aweful. Level them up or draft better ones.
  • Skullhead777Skullhead777 Member Rookie
    What mighty mouse is saying is spend a lot of your money on this terrible app to have a mediocre chance of doing fair at best....
  • battiestweeones2battiestweeones2 Member Starter
    Come on can spend money on gold but there other ways to get gold ex. Watch ads do the offers, sure it takes awhile longer but patience is the key everyone wants to win every game by a margin of 20-0 but fellows come on now every team in real life takes their bumps...their droughts of winning.... waiting for their draft picks to pan out... patience people and will turn around
  • [TSB] blueleopard[TSB] blueleopard Administrator Rookie
    Most of the people that complain about Silver playoffs being overleveled also pay zero attention to their upgrades.  They're one of the few things you can use up blue cash on, so I'd use it there.
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