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Rip off weekend event

fbonvifbonvi Member Rookie
this past weekend spent a lot to get to 16th place. Received one prize. When I asked why didn't I get the prizes from 500 on down to 16, they said for that event you only get the prize where you finish?!!!  So I spend money to get to 16th and get the same prize as people who finished at 51-100. Total garbage


  • SymbolicJesterSymbolicJester Member Roster
    on ranking you only get where you finished, say you finished 16th, you wont get prizes for the 26-50 Ranks, 51-100 ranks.

    On the other hand, the progress Rewards, you will get everything based on the points you get, this is an individual or personal quest, you get a prize for 3,000 points, then at 5,000, then at 10,000, Same with the club standings

    You will only get the club rank prize, but will get every prize on the progress section of it
    Posted edited August 2
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