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Main Event

SymbolicJesterSymbolicJester Member Roster
As a player of many games, I have found that alot of them want people playing the game, which benefits the game as you have active members. What i do not get is how we can NOT play the games in the main event without the streak timer counting down before you can finish playing 4 games. Once a game is done, The timer should reset back to say 10 mins, and then the next game should be done either by auto or playing it within that time, I know yall want people spending the gold to refresh the bar, but this is neglecting those people who actually want to play the game and not just auto play them.


  • SymbolicJesterSymbolicJester Member Roster
    Please if you feel i overlooked something or failed to mention see the reasoning behind it, please explain, I am opened minded and can take being wrong.
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