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  • BamBamat50BamBamat50 Member Rookie
    I am disappointed that the improved graphics went to enhancing the look of the game instead of being used to enhance game play functions. Things like clear and smooth pitches and bat swings instead of the batters reaction to strike outs or home runs. I have cleared background usage and unnecessary system functions from running on my device while in play to assure ot is not interfering in the fluidity and smoothness of graphics durring interaction and it's still choppy, the ball disappears briefly in flight, the pitch itself is hesitant, and the swing reaction is laggy. Most pitches are a guess at best so I use auto play which isn't playing to me. I've spent a lot of money in 16' like most and hoped your efforts would have been more for the players and less for game looks and donation. I have no desire to get involved with playing 17', at least to the point I'd spend money or join a club.
    Posted edited April 14
  • newgodnewgod Member Rookie
    Game is terrible. Jailed teams are still active so it's impossible to win those games and even if it's close you guys jacked up the a.i so it's impossible to beat a better team. Can an outfielder really run that fast? The other thing is that everything in this game is over priced. I understand when people see Dollar signs they forget how they got there but with the hacking issues combine with the lack of deleting the jailed teams . it makes it kinda difficult to play the game how it was intended. Also why is it that I'm a newly silver team playing a jacked up maxed out gold team on my first sprint game also why is it that in tourneys I rarely play a team in my division can't win prizes if you can't win anything. 
  • nybluebloodsnybluebloods Member Rookie
    How do i level up the ballpark?
  • DannychampagneDannychampagne Member Rookie
    Great game overall. 
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