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Rip off

kkellykkelly Member Rookie
playoff set up perfect.    All gold players.  Franchise active.   Over 40+ on most upgrades.  And under 3 era for my pitchers.   So how the hell does the other team beat me!!!  They had 3.  I got 6.  They went to 7.  I went to 9. They went to 11.   I went to 12.   They went to 13.  And that is where it ended.   Wtf.   At one point I had a 6 run lead!!!   This is a rip off.  


  • Ruffriders23Ruffriders23 Member Ace
    Welcome to Glu playoffs... where you score 6... they score 7... you score 9... they score 11. It's all meant to make sure frustrated so you buy gold and use it on picks, energy resets, or in-game boosts.
  • Leo_ArsonLeo_Arson Member Rookie
    Yeah, it happens. Just play again. You can auto play a game 50 times without winning, but you'll always get lucky that one time, on 51
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