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Active player looking for a new team

KNP950KNP950 Member Roster
This is my 1st season playing.  I play daily but joined a team where 3/4 of the members don't so we are never really involved. It's frustrating. I'm 2nd level silver pro on club call Funny Rascals. My team name is 2015NLCHAMPS. I have 114,400 points 2nd on team of 20. My team strength is 25000. Want more of reason to play. There is one other player on team 88000 pts who wants to find new team also if you need more than 1 team. New to forum, not sure how this works but you want me please contact me. Just had surgery have to play everyday! Lol. Matt


  • icehammersicehammers Member Roster
    I will message you. In a game from icehammers
  • SwMoThunderSwMoThunder Member Rookie
    You can join my team and I will make you assistant gm. Cubs42018
  • reksebrekseb Member Roster
    I did the same thing.  I was the only active player. It sucked. Started my own club. CubbiesBlues. 
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